Regulations 2020

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Frozen Peaks 2020


The races are:

  • PANORAMA - ΠΑΝΟΡΑΜΑ: 261.210 km D+ 11.636 m (May 28, 2020 07:00)
  • HIGHLAND - ΥΨΙΠΕΔΟ: 92.850 km D+ 4.738 m (May 30, 2020 07:00)
  • HEROES - ΗΡΩΕΣ: 46.710 km D+ 1992 m (May 30, 2020 13:00)
  • LISSE - ΛΙΣΣΕ: 15 km D+ 223 m D- 256 m (May 31, 2020 10:30)


Along the routes of all races, there will be sufficient and distinct signaling, consisting of:

  • Reflective flags of the organization
  • Phosphorescent dyeing at fixed points (rocks, stones)
  • Mileage distance indication
  • Route Prohibition
  • Directional signals, left and right
  • At the Power Stations information about the mileage distance, altitude difference and location of the particular Station.
  • Also the track info of each race will be available in gpx format for those using gps or smart watches.


2.a. For the race PANORAMA


  1. should have been born before 2000
  2. should have finished a trail race of more than 100 kilometers in the years 2018 - 2020 or an ultra road race over asphalt over 200 kilometers in 2018-2020.
  3. should be able to manage the difficulties of such a race and have experience of trail racing.
  4. should complete a short CV with the main races that the athlete has finished in the years 2018-2020 and his athletic activities.
  5. An athlete, who has finished another difficult compound race (eg iron man, triathlon), may apply for the race.

Maximum number of entries: 50 athletes.

* Maximum number of participants may be increased by 20%.

2.b. For the race HIGHLAND


  1. should have been born before 2000
  2. should have finished a trail race over 40 kilometers from 2018 to 2020
  3. should be able to manage the difficulties of such a race and have experience of trail racing
  4. should complete a short CV with the main races that the athlete has finished in the years 2018-2020 and his athletic activities.
  5. An athlete, who has finished another difficult compound race (eg iron man, triathlon), may apply for the race.

Maximum number of entries: 80 athletes.

2.c. For the race HEROES


  1. should have been born before 2000
  2. shouldcomplete a short biography with the athlete's main races and sporting activities.

Maximum number of entries 200 athletes

2.δ. For the race LISSE - ΛΙΣΣΕ


  1. should have been born before 2002

Maximum number of entries 200 athletes.

3. Procedure and finalization of the registrations

The registration process begins December 1, 2019 for all races of the event.

The amounts are as follows:










01/12/2020 - 31/12/2020 140 € 60 € 30 € 10 €
01/01/2020 - 31/01/2020 150 € 70 €     40 € 10 €
01/02/2020 – 29/02/2020 180 € 80 € 45 € 10 €
01/03/2020 – 31/03/2020 190 € 90 € 50 € 10 €
01/04/2020 – 20/04/2020 200 € 100 € 60 € 15 €

Finishers of last year races will be approved by priority. For all races, there will be a registration form in the website




The registration will be finalized after the payment of the corresponding amount for the race and time period to a bank account specified by the Committee.
Payment of the amount for a not approved participation doesn't complete the registration and the amount will not be refunded if the registration will be rejected


If the athlete's participation is canceled because of health or any other reason until February 28, 2019, 50% of his registration fee is refunded, but he must prove the cancellation of his participation with an official document. After that date, no amount is refunded.


The identification of the athletes takes place in the secretary of the race, at Nevrokopi, showing his police or service identity or his passport. He will only receive his enrollment bag, which will include his BIB and those of the species designated and provided by the event.

The delivery of the bags for each race will begin according to the program announced by the event.


The organization will provide catering during the match, first aid if necessary, insurance coverage, physiotherapy-massage, brochure and medal to the finishers, electronic participation diploma, award to the distinguished athletes, memorabilia to the participants.

The organization also provides information about accommodation in the area where they can arrange their own accommodation.


Athletes should be fully aware of the regulations of the competition they are compelled to respect.

They are committed to respecting the ethics of the competition, respecting the environment avoiding all sorts of pollution, and showing solidarity to their mates whenever required, relying exclusively on their forces without accepting outside support other than those defined points, bring the required equipment throughout the race and obey the instructions of the judges. Failure to comply with the rules or recommendations of the judges will result in a disqualification penalty. The judges of the race when they notice violations of the regulations, record and inform the offenders and the Race Committee. Any other person authorized by the event has the ability to also record any violation he or she becomes aware of and submit for examination to the Race Committee.

Athletes also need to know the dangers and difficulties of the race and be able to deal with them autonomously.

They need to know how to deal with weather conditions, pains or digestive problems that can be caused by intense effort to overcome insomnia.

An athlete who will receive medical assistance both on the way and at the catering stations means that he accepts the doctor's opinion about the continuation or interruption of his effort.

The organization has the right to photograph / record the participants at some points of the route to confirm the passage of the athletes through these points.

Even for equanimity reasons, it will check the mandatory equipment of athletes at any point on the route it deems appropriate.

Also, the participants through the submission of the registration application accept their photography and video recording for the purpose of producing digital material from the event, which can be used freely.


Every athlete is fully aware of his intention to take part in a mountain sporting event as well as of the stresses he will face. He also personally assumes the responsibility to fight wisely and responsibly and not to place himself at objective risk. Every athlete, by applying for participation, already knows on the basis of recent medical examinations whether his state of health allows him to compete in a long-lasting struggle in a mountainous environment. If a physician detects a serious risk of continuing the athlete is forced to stop the race and give his number to the Chief of the Power Station or the Control Point.

At the same time the athlete will receive a signed relevant statement.



For safety reasons each athlete, is required to carry a backpack with the following mandatory materials throughout his race:

  1. container of liquids of at least two liters
  2. waterproof jacket
  3. long leggings
  4. Aluminum Blanket
  5. elastic bandage
  6. haemostatic sprays
  7. Emergency whistle
  8. Two headtorches with spare batteries
  9. a spare t-shirt
  10. food equivalent to 1000 calories min
  11. mobile phone with a charged battery. Your call number must be stated when you sign up for the race. The European Emergency Number is 112.
  12. Personal food container


  1. Headlight torch

Also, depending on the weather conditions, gloves, caps, or even waterproof trousers may be obligatory.

Upon receipt of the registration dossier from the secretary, the organization will strictly check the above necessary equipment. The enrollment file will not be given to the athlete if any of the above materials are missing.

The organization may check this equipment at any point previously unknown. Absence of even part of the equipment will punish the athlete with exclusion.



Optionally, athletes can bring with them:

  • GPS device
  • compass
  • the printed description of the route
  • walking poles (with edges covered)
  • cap
  • gloves
  • windproof blouse
  • spare pair of socks
  • talc
  • emergency sleeping bag



10.a. For the race PANORAMA

Athlete may leave a drop bag with goods that he/she may need for the rest of the race, in the central station at Nevrokopi.

10.b. For the race HIGHLAND

In the registration file there will be one plastic bag (30 lt) for the placement of the goods that the athlete may need. The athlete will find the drop bug in the refreshment station of Pirgoi.

The transfer of the bags will be the responsibility of the organization. It is forbidden to place in bags, sharps, fragile items. In the same bag, athletes will be able to reposition the materials that do not need in the rest of the race. Drop bugs will be transfered back to Nevrokopi under the responsibility of the organization.


In the enrollment folder there will be the entry number, which is unique for each athlete. This number must be visible throughout the race at the front of the body or at another spot that can be seen. The way of attaching the number to the athlete's clothing is his own choice and responsibility. The event will provide the athletes with means of attachment.

The coverage of the athlete's number is allowed in case of bad weather or cold, but it is mandatory to show it at checkpoints in order to record his passage.

Loss of the number results in the athlete's exclusion from the race, so caution is attached to his secure attachment

Loss of the number is directly reported to the Organization, which must deal with the issue (replacement of the number or photo of the athlete in STEK). If the fraudulent purpose of losing Bip is observed the athlete will be cancelled.


The technical briefing of the athletes will be made by the Technical Director, for each race separately, according to the schedule of the race which will be announced shortly.  


Athletes are given the possibility of medical support with the responsibility of the organization at certain points of the race. The Nevrokopi Health Center will provide its services if needed.

Medication will be given only with the doctor's agreement and not by rescue teams or volunteers.

Ambulance will be at the disposal of the organization throughout its duration.

It is noted that doctors and physiotherapists of the event will be charged with the care and treatment of athletes posing any serious problem, given that athletes are aware of the difficulties of the race and be able to manage muscle pain or other pain caused by their effort.


During the race, there will be security teams, which will follow the end of the race and help the athletes who leave the stations.

Special security staff will be moved by vehicles of the organization to sections of the route on rural or forest roads to provide assistance to athletes who need it or to carry them if they leave the race. The security teams will wear special clothes and the safety vehicles will carry distinctive marks.

There will also be light beacons and roadways at certain points of the route as well as phosphorescent lamps.



  • overtaking is prohibited
  • The use of the headtorches is required
  • Special attention to stairwells


Athletes who will give up their effort at any point, are transferred to the Nevrokopi.

Athletes' of Lisse race will be transfered from Nevrokopi to Ochiro.


Athletes are allowed to support support teams at all feed stations and at a location designated by the Station Leader (STEK).
Support teams can offer athletes their services without interfering with the work of Refueling Stations.

Viewers will also be informed about the position of athletes on the track in the secretariat.



There will be Refreshment Stations and Control Points to be determined shortly along with the other technical data in the technical racing table. At the Power Stations, the athletes will be provided with the energy and hydrating supplies provided by the event.



Athletes' times will be recorded manually and electronically, at each Replenishment and Control Point as well as at the finishing line.

Furthermore there are exclusion set time points for safety reasons and proper flow of the race.
As a recording time of the athlete at each station is defined his departure time.
Every athlete who has gone through all the checkpoints, has spent time at the stations will not be beyond time limits exclusion and has completed his attempt reaching the finish within the time limit valid finish, as defined by the organization entitled to an award.
The races are stopped at the designated maximum time limit, and athletes who might still be somewhere in the path are stopped and give their number to the next power station or control point.
Those athletes will be ranked in the table finish based on time of performance and the point at which they arrived and would not be entitled to an award.
No athlete will be allowed to finish the match after the exclusion of the points or after the discontinuation of the race. The Race Committee reserves the right to take back the exclusion of athletes. Athletes should demonstrate understanding and adhere to the instructions of the organization. The persistence of continuing the race with the athlete’s responsibility poses risks for both the athlete himself and for the members involved in the organization. In case of non-compliance, the organization reserves the right of abortion in the next event.



With an exclusion penalty the athlete is punished when proven:

To check, along the route of the authorized persons of the organization (Judges-Controllers), found not to bring the stated explicitly by the organization, as mandatory equipment

  • pollute the path throwing garbage, and other objects
  • be assisted along the way by third parties (indicative transfer by vehicle convoy on track during the race, transfer of the sack from third parties)
  • Demonstrates unsportsmanlike behavior to athletes, escorts, volunteers, members of the Race Committee, Referees-regulators, members of the Organizing Committee does not provide assistance to fellow sufferer, and does not comply with the regulations of the race and suggestions authorized by the Organization of persons ( Judges-Auditors)
  • There passing through all checkpoints
  • Detected fraudulent loss of BIP
  • Those of the athletes who suffer from claustrophobia and do not want to pass through the fortifications, should declare it at the event. These athletes will be transported under the responsibility of the organization from the entrance to the exit of the forts with a time penalty that will be announced shortly.



Every athlete has the right to object for any reason within one hour of the race.
Appeals may be submitted only by the applicant athlete and only in writing to the Secretary.
Objections are considered and decided by the Commission Race of the tournament, which answers directly, publicly and irrevocably.
The Race Committee to assist in its work, may at its discretion invite and consider authorized members of the organization as judges, inspectors, volunteers and athletes involved in the case to consider.



Athletes' Categories are:

  1. Men's category
  2. Women's category
  3. Age category
    1. A (20-39) - M20-30 / Γ (20-39) - W20-30
    2. A (40-55) - M40-55 / Γ (40-55) - W40-55
    3. A (55+) - M55+ / Γ (55+) - W55+



Prizes and commemorative gifts will be awarded:

• The three (3) first men

• On the three (3) first women

• The first (1) athlete and the first (1) athlete of each age category

* (To create an age class there must be at least five athletes in the same category)




The Race Committee has the right in extreme or adverse weather conditions (snow, storm, high winds, flooding) or other unforeseen events and for reasons of safety of athletes, volunteers to:

• change the designated start time
• extend the time limits acceptable finish time, as the time limit for exclusion to the designated station
• modify part of the route
• proceed with the suspension of the race
• To cancel the running of the race
  Even the Race Committee reserves the right to suspend or cancel the attempt of an athlete if a physician's oral opinion of the race indicates so.
If the race is interrupted the classification of athletes is based on the time recorded at the last station passed before the race was stopped.
Only athletes who will have finished by the time the match is interrupted are entitled to awards.
The organization has the right to complete and finalize even amendments of the Regulations of the race, which will be made promptly to inform all those involved.


The organization and institutions that compose it are not liable for any damage to health, physical injury or death and each of them knows the intricacies of the race and the dangers of the environment and conditions that may prevail in this part. Every athlete has the exclusive responsibility, having filed relevant medical certificate and formal declaration of taking any responsibility in the event of health damage during or after the race or even death.


  1. Isaiah Chatzikonstantinou President of the Organization
  2. Michail Papadopoulos Technical Manager of the Races
  3. Christos Tsernios member of the committee.



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