Change in the technical characteristics of the Highlands and Panorama races


We inform you that the technical data of the route of the PANORAMA II and HIGHLANDS races, in the section FALAKROS SKI CENTER – PAPOUS, PAPOUS - VOLAKAS, have changed.


With the addition of the PAPOUS peak, the length of the route increased by 1020 m while an additional 186 m positive and 184 m negative altitude difference were added. Consequently, the finish time limit for the HIGHLANDS race was increased to 26 hours, while for the PANORAMA race, changes have been made to the exclusion time limits of STEK.




As we mentioned in a previous announcement, for 2021 the HIGHLANDS race of the FROZEN PEAKS Organization is upgraded.

Specifically, it increases in length and in altitude difference. With the start and finish of Nevrokopi, the length of the race route from 93 km increases to 101.380 km and the positive altitude difference from 5,170 m to 6,261 m. The finish time limit from 23 hours to 26.

FROZENPEAKS: Announcement for the races of 2021


The O.C of FROZEN PEAKS, taking into account the emergency health conditions, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, respecting the suggestions and recommendations of the General Secretariat for Civil Protection, decided for 2021 the following:


1. Decongestion of the festival races of the Organization and their postponement to different dates, in order to avoid overcrowding


Date Change of Frozen Peaks 2020


Dear friends

The O.C FROZEN PEAKS, taking into account the situation created at the global and national level regarding the postponement of the races due to the consequences of Covid-19, decided to postpone all of the races to the dates 28 - 31 May 2020.

If today's pandemic persists and the bans remain in force in May, the FROZEN PEAKS event will be postponed to 2021. Postponement after the new May deadline is deemed necessary due to logistical infrastructure and weather conditions.