Information Letter 22/02/2020

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Nevrokopi 22/2/2020

Dear friend

About two months before your arrival in Nevrokopi, the FROZEN PEAKS Organization, would like to inform you the following:

At the end of last year's event, we began preparing for the 2020 event. We evaluated observations, findings, and corrective actions.

We have ensured the cooperation and co-organization with the Municipality of K. Nevrokopi. We proceeded with the procedures to include the PANORAMA race in the list of criteria for participation in the Spartathlon Race. We also received certification and evaluation of the Races from the I.T.R.A and UTMB. At the moment we are in the phase of unbundling the event from SEGAS.

The number of participations in the races this year surprised us. Especially in the PANORAMA race the number of 50 participants initially allocated by the Organization was covered in just a few days, forcing the orfanisation to allocate 20 participants more. There are still vacancies for all the races of the event, as some who have signed up have not been financially settled.

Regarding the technical details of the races, no route changes are foreseen. This is also reflected in this year's mild winter. The only minor changes are recorded on the routes PANORAMA II and HIGHLAND, in the Granitis area, where we removed the dirt road after STEK, adding a trail, as well as after Volakas in the Tsakalina area, we removed about 2 kilometers of dirt road. In the area of ​​Falakro Ski Resort, after climbing to the top of Profitis Elias and stopping at the mountaineering shelter, follow the climb to Pappous Peak. These small changes do not alter the technical details of the two races.

Also by reviewing and re-evaluating the finishing times of the races over the last two years, we have reduced the finish line to the PANORAMA race, with an acceptable limit of 74 hours and the HEROES race of 9 hours.

For technical reasons and at the request of many participants we changed the starting time of the HEROES race from 16:00 to 13:00 always from the Marginal.

Today we are in the phase of signaling the routes and processing the tables.

In order to facilitate the movement of athletes in cooperation with the KTEL Drama, the Organization provided privileges for athletes and their attendants. There will be no delay in moving to Nevrokopi as there will be an immediate response to Drama. Also if the number of participants in the movement is satisfactory, there will be a direct departure from Nevrokopi for Athens after the end of the awards. More information on the site.

Updated in early March!

Yours sincerely


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