FROZENPEAKS: Announcement for the races of 2021

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The O.C of FROZEN PEAKS, taking into account the emergency health conditions, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, respecting the suggestions and recommendations of the General Secretariat for Civil Protection, decided for 2021 the following:


1. Decongestion of the festival races of the Organization and their postponement to different dates, in order to avoid overcrowding


2. Maximum participation per race of 100 people


3. The financially fit per race for 2020, can participate in the same race in 2021 without any financial burden, by making a new application, on a date to be determined by the Organization


4. Those who do not renew their application, within the period to be determined by the Organization, will be excluded from the specific race


5. The positions that will remain vacant up to the number of 100 people, will be filled by new applications for participation in order of priority


6. The dates of the races are:


LISSE: 15 km, Saturday 3 or 10 April 2021. Start and finish at the village OCHYRO.

HEROES: 47 km, Saturday 3 or 10 April 2021. Start and finish in the village of PERITHORI.

PANORAMA: 261 km, 6 - 8 May 2021

HIGHLANDS: 100 km 19 June 2021



7. The LISSE race will have a start and finish in the village of OCHYRO, while the HIGHLANDS race from 93 km extends to 100 km.

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